Urban Farming: How to Turn a 1/3 Acre Garden into a $75,000 Yearly Income


Isn’t This the Most Amazing Urban Farming Garden You’ve Ever Seen!

Whether you’re an urban farming enthusiast or an open plains homesteader, you’ve probably pondered at some point how you can more efficiently use the garden area you have available to grow more food and maybe to turn a profit to boot.

That’s just what Curtis Stone of Profitable Urban Farming did when he went looking for sustainable alternative growing practices for his small urban plot of land. What he found were some great techniques that not only helped to maximize his production but produced an amazing income for him as well. Here’s more about him and his story.

Urban Farming: Harvesting

Curtis Stone is a hard working and driven man who started his own business using other people’s backyards for farming in an urban environment. He calls this Profitable Urban Farming. After some years he managed to purchase the land where he planted his first crop, ultimately turning it into his base of operations. Eventually he had to develop his own online course in order to teach all the people who were requesting for advice about this method and system of selling and growing crops.

Urban Farming Produce

He is so dedicated on sharing his knowledge and experience that he succeeded in turning his neighbors into friends and allies in this quest for sustainability. Curtis is not just a farmer, but also an author, consultant and speaker on topics such as quick growing and high values annual vegetables for direct consumer market streams. In his book called The Urban Farmer he introduces organic intensive techniques centered on business and systems to streamline labor market. This became an alternative to conventional farming, an approach where there is a direct link between quality of life and profit.

Urban Farming - Gardening in your backyard.
Urban Farming - Hoeing the crops.

His farm is situated in Kelowna, BC, Canada since 2010, and is called Green City Acres. The farm generates over $75,000 per year on only one third of an acre, in an eight month growing season, and is globally recognized with regards to agriculture productivity and profitability in an urban context.

To see exactly how Curtis turns his 1/3 Acre Garden into $75,000, watch this video now…

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