Self Defense for Women: 12 Tips That Could Save Your Life

Self Defense for Women Tips That Could Save Your Life

Self Defense For Women Is More Important Today Than Ever!

Being a woman doesn’t mean you have to be a victim. Despite the fact that crimes committed against women has decreased nationally since the 1990s, violence toward women still continues to be a significant concern. Now more than ever women need to take things into their own hand and be prepared to make split-second decisions about their situational awareness and if attacked, to know how to defend themselves from the attacker.

But that’s easier said than actually done because of the fact that women are on average more vulnerable than men because of their smaller build and less strength than a man. Below are 12 self defense tips that can help even the playing field.

WARNING: There is a tremendous amount of bogus self-defense info on the web (especially for women) that borders on the criminally negligent. One of the most popular methods trains you to hit what they SAY will be undefended targets on non-resisting “bad guys”–delusional lunacy that could get you killed! Remember: No one is going to just LET you hit them. Bad guys hit back.

NOTE: The BEST self defense is Situational Awareness

1. Look where you're going. Check out the gas station, ATM, 7-Eleven etc. before you pull up/go in so you don't become part of a stickup in progress.

2. Wake up. Turn off your iPod/iPhone etc. when out in public. Don't jog with earphones.

3. Maintain a Personal Comfort Zone. No stranger or hostile relation is allowed to get closer than 5 feet to you without vetting or permission. Period. If they do, attack the attacker. Practice a relaxed, non-threatening listening stance you can explode from.

4. Walk wide around building corners. Don't get jumped.

5. React. Practice a high speed flinch response in the event you're surprised by a sound, movement or touch.

6. Watch your drink. Someone could slip a knock out drug in your cocktail. Typical abduction/rape/murder ruse.

7. No stranger gets in your house. Ever. Even if it's a little girl screaming to use your phone to call her daddy because her mommy's lying in the road bleeding to death. Call 911 for her. Otherwise, you open the door and 3 mutants rush in and a horrific home invasion begins.

8. Flat tire in a bad neighborhood? Drive on your rims. New wheels are a small price to pay for avoiding a violent car jacking.

9. People give you a bad feeling as you walk down a street? Do you: Make eye contact? Don't make eye contact? Look assertive? Reach for your gun? Walk down a different street.

10. You're being mugged for your money. Don't fish around in your purse/wallet for bills. Be cooperative. Give them your whole wallet (prepare a separate “mugging” wallet with a few dollars). But…

11. Never go to crime scene #2. If all they want is money, fine. But if they want to take you somewhere, make your stand and fight for your life, right now. You stand a better chance of surviving. If you go with them, statistics say will you not escape or be rescued. You will probably die or be so f'd up you'll wish you had died.

12. Attackers are bad people – they WILL hit you back and attempt to immobilize you. You don’t need to know martial arts to defend yourself. The key is to hit HARD and FAST.

  • Use open and extended fingers to strike the eyes; or eye-gouging
  • Use a chin jab followed by an elbow strike to the chest
  • Do an open-handed hand-axe to the throat
  • Bite the hand or any part of the attacker in close proximity
  • Kick, as much as possible
  • Head butt if grabbed from behind

Via: Attack Proof, Image courtesy of Survival Grit

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