Off-Grid Living: Properly Caring For Your Homestead Garden, Bees and Apple Orchard

Scrumptious Vegetables, Sweet Honey and Tangy Apples – What Could Be Better?

That's what more and more folks are asking themselves as we see a growing off-grid living movement across this great country of ours.

But problems will arise and it takes work, know-how and ingenuity to keep your homestead running smoothly.

For instance, ants love honey as much as I do and they're persistent critters when it comes to getting what they want. They'll just climb right on up the legs of your hive with no problem. So how do you get rid of ants invading your hive? The simple solution … Smear axle grease around the base of each of the legs.  Yes, that will take care of the problem.

Good tip? Yep, I thought so but hey, I didn't think of it. I saw it in the video below. And there's many more tips there as well!

So Watch the Video Now to see more great tips on a variety of ways to properly care for your homestead garden.


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