How to Turn a Spoon into a Deadly Survival Arrowhead Weapon

How to Turn a Spoon Into a Deadly Arrowhead Survival Weapon

What a Great DIY Survival Skill for Anyone Who Wants to Be Prepared!

Knowing how to create a weapon using everyday materials is not only a great survival skill to have but it could also save your life one day when a SHTF situation actually happens.  Whether the weapon is used for hunting to provide food on the table or for protection, the more DIY weapon skills you have, the better your odds are for survival.

The following article by Sean Watkins of Survival Life provides step by step instructions on how you can turn an ordinary spoon into a deadly tip for an arrow or spear that can be used for hunting or self-protection.

Those interested in exploring the endless amount of survival bow techniques will probably agree that one of the hardest parts of constructing your own survival bow is finding the right material for an effective arrowhead when on the move.

Luckily, almost any multitool or camping combo tool has a spoon attachment, which can be turned into a very effective and deadly arrowhead. I think we can all agree, in a survival situation, I would need a tool for hunting before I ever needed that spoon to eat food I don’t even have. After all, we are humans and have hands and teeth for tearing at the food we catch later.

What is the big deal with having some broadhead arrowheads in your bug out bag? The man with a broadhead is usually eating opposed to the man with a simple sharpened stick who is usually laying hungry. The sharpened stick/small arrowhead options only leave small entry wounds, which are likely to stop bleeding before you track the animal down. The animal might still die from internal damage from the arrow, but you wont be able find it in time for dinner without a blood trail.

How to Turn a Spoon Into a Deadly Arrowhead Survival Weapon

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Hunting with broadhead arrowheads are highly illegal in a few U.S. states, and considered “poaching” when hunting because of the effectiveness they have with leaving a large bleeding wound. This is why a survivalist needs these in their bug out bag. I’ve seen these spoon broadheads slice through heavy duty 5 gallon plastic buckets, an awesome show of how these are great for slicing through thick hides and muscle with ease.

A great cause I can show you to prove my point is the story of a wild crane that was shot through the body with a carbon arrow that had a field point tip. The arrow was so non-effective, the bird survived for over a week before wildlife aid group could find it, catch it, and remove the arrow. The bird made a full recovery, but if it was a broadhead, that bird would have be on someone’s dinner table.

Source: Eagle Optics Blog

One thing to keep in mind, though: If you are out in the field without any power tools, don’t waste your time (and life-saving energy reserves) trying file down an arrow shape out of the spoon. I would just leave the spoon whole, hammer it down flat, then file the edges sharp with a flat-ish stone, just like a prison shank. This will give you a very effective oval egg-shaped broadhead, similar to the effective oval-shaped stone heads used by early man. Save that energy to use those arrows heads and HUNT!

Don’t have a Survival Bow? You can also just split the end of a long stick and use these as spear heads. They are a versatile tool to keep in the bug out bag. The edges are knife sharp, and can even be fashioned to a short branch for a hand held dagger.


Supplies Needed:

  • Metal spoon (maybe even a fork, or other scrap metal)
  • Plumber’s Torch (or small camp fire, camp gas stove, butane lighter, etc.)
  • Hammer (or a rock next to the camp fire)
  • Rotary tool with cutting/grinding bits (optional)
  • Workbench vice, with anvil surface (optional)
  • Sharpie pen (optional)
How to Turn a Spoon Into a Deadly Arrowhead Survival Weapon

These are tools we used, but that doesn’t mean you need them to get the job done.
Fire and rocks will do too!

Next are the precise Step by Step Instructions for you to follow.

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