How To Make A Working Laser Sighted Blowgun Including Darts For $3

Laser Sighted Blowgun

Have You Ever Seen Such an Awesome Laser Sighted Blowgun!

Blowguns are among the simplest of weapons. Powered by the shooter’s lungs, they can be used for ordinary fun things such as a straw and pea shooter to very sophisticated and very dangerous weapons that can be used to embed a projectile into wood, concrete or human being.

Although sophisticated blowguns can be very expensive, in the video below you’ll discover exactly how to build a complete working laser sighted blowgun, including a camouflage coating, several sets of darts and a laser sight for less the price of a cup of coffee!

Watch this video now to see a real laser sighted blowgun in action…

Courtesy of Popsci

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