How to Make a Fishing Spear the Survivalist Way

Get Out the Frying Pan Because There’s Going to Be Fish for Dinner!

Wilderness survival skills encompass a lot of skill sets, including knowing how to make a fishing spear.  And since food is one of the basic needs for human survival, the ability to hunt and fish is a skill that every survivalist should master. In a SHTF or emergency situation, knowing how to make a fishing spear could save your life.

Fish is a good source of nutrition. It can be eaten raw and can provide you with much needed protein and calories that can help keep you on the move. Having a good fishing spear will not only make your fishing a whole lot easier, it can also double as a formidable weapon as well. By following the instructions below you’ll have a great fishing spear in no time.

Choose a Sapling

1. Choosing The Sapling

This is the same tree I used last month in conjunction with the Hoffman Harpoon. You are going to want a tall, straight sapling, about two inches in diameter. I start by creating a pressure cut around the perimeter of the tree with my Tracker Knife. There is no carving involved in this technique. You are simply applying heavy pressure while rotating the knife around the wood. Do this to the thick end of the tree: the part that is closest to the roots.

How to Make a Fishing Spear

2. Carve One Side

After making the pressure cut, I carved away only on the short side. As I shave away the wood, the short end becomes pointed and the long end remains flat.

How to Make a Fishing Spear

3. A Clean Break

The wood has now been weakened exactly where I want. One easy tap with the back of my Tracker Knife causes a clean break to occur. Discard this short section of stick.

How to Make a Fishing Spear

4. Brace and Align the Knife

Secure the small end of the sapling against a sturdy surface such as a fallen tree or a large rock. Now place the straight portion of your knife across the freshly broken end. Make sure it rests exactly down the middle.

How to Make a Fishing Spear

5. The First Split

Find a wrist-thick piece of wood and tap the back of the knife. This will let the knife split the wood in a very easy and controlled manner.

How to Make a Fishing Spear

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