Five Genius Tool Hacks for Camping in the Wild

Two Campers on Mountain Top Camping in the Wild

Camping in the wild happens to be a breathtaking adventure. Those who camp frequently would be well aware of the excitement it brings along.

Camping is tailor-made for those who love staying outdoors. Going outdoors and embracing nature helps you rejuvenate yourself.

There are those who step out-of-doors to forget the pressures of everyday life.

Camping in the wild happens to be a great way of spending a weekend. If you want to rejuvenate yourself by treating yourself to some breathtaking natural beauty, then do not think twice before hitting the woods.

Camping is a great getaway. You can get your gang along and have a great time with family and friends. Everybody enjoys camping in the wild.

If you want to do something daring, then you can try hunting turkey and deer for food. Ah, nothing can beat the joy of getting to set up your makeshift barbecue in the woods.

Before you go out to hit the vast expanses of greenery, you need to equip yourself with some tools of the trade. These would help make life easier for you.

1. Use the Multi-tool to Flip Bacon

Multi-tool in Man's Hand used for Flipping BaconYou don’t want to burn your hands while flipping those juicy pieces of bacon.

Cooking bacon at home isn’t much of a challenge, but once you step out in the wild, then you won’t have the privilege of using tongs.

Under such circumstances, the multi-tool lying in your pocket can come in handy. You can use the fliers to flip the bacon.

Experienced campers will know that a multi-tool is a camper’s most trusted companion during precarious situations.

It’s an excellent tool for tearing part fishing nets.

2. Say Goodbye to Your Hammer

It goes pretty much without saying that hammers are heavy. Hammers are used by campers while fixing tents.

Carrying a hammer along will add to the weight of your backpack. Carrying a light backpack is a must.

To ensure that your backpack is light and easy to carry, it is time to ditch the hammer.

You can use stones to make life easier for yourself.

3. A Zippo Lighter Can Come in Handy

The art of lighting a fire is the first and foremost lesson taught to campers. Traditionally, campers tend to rub a couple of stones together in order to light a fire.

Contemporary campers seem to have found a convenient way of keeping themselves warm.

You can bring together all the twigs and bags.

After you’ve done that, you can then use your Zippo lighter to light a fire.

This will help avoid the possibility of injuring your hands.

4. It’s Time to Zip Your Jacket

In case the zipped closure of your jacket breaks, then you’ll be in big trouble.

You can’t roam around in the cold with an open jacket. It can be freezing in the woods during the night.

A broken zip cannot be fixed, but there is always a makeshift solution to fix the problem.

Gripping the zip with bare hands can be difficult, but you can always use the pliers of your multi-tool to grab the zip and wrench it. As simple as that.

5. The Ultimate Dinner Hack

Two Campers Watching their Food Cook Over an Open FilreHunting forms an important part of camping.

There are campers who undertake a leisurely camping exercise in order to find a fresh game.

Now, in case you’ve forgotten to carry your rifle along, you can use your camping knife for hunting.

The same can be used to catch fish as well. A pocket knife can end up saving you a lot of trouble.

Also, the multi-tool can be used as a fishing hook. All you need is a little improvisation.


So, the possibilities are endless. When camping in the wild, you can put your multi-tools and lighters to use to make your life simpler.

As stated above, all you need is improvisation.

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