How to Make a Survival Hunting Bow from a Bike Rim

How to Make a Survival Hunting Bow from a Bike Rim

This Is Perfect DIY Bow for Hunting and Self Defense!

Engaging in DIY projects can not only be fun but you can get a real sense of pride when you put your final product to use and see it actually work. It’s also great SHTF Preparedness skills to develop as well.

And speaking of being prepared, in survival situations having a weapon such as a bow (and arrows) would be an ideal tool to have for hunting small game, fish and self protection. Because bicycles, old and new, are all over the place, knowing how to make a bow out of an old bicycle tire rim, inner-tube and catapult rubber is a perfect skill to have. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Simple Tools

  • Saw to cut the bike rim
  • Scissors
  • Snips or some way to remove the spokes from the wheel
  • File to tidy cuts – pliers to bend

Materials for the Basic Build

  • Bike wheel
  • Eyelets of some description
  • Inner tube from wheel
  • Catapult rubber (or you can use cut down inner tube but it is not as powerful)
  • Retainers for the threaded end of the eyelets (plasterboard expanding grommets in this case)
  • A spoke for the sight

Step 2: Lets go


Normally I would break the construction down but this build has been developed and put together so I didn't want to take things apart again, but the build is pretty much self explanatory by just looking at the photos really.

So take your scrap wheel and strip it down to it's constituent parts. Clean up the body/frame. Strip down the spindle and remove the bearings etc.

Take a saw and cut the rim/wheel in half between two holes. This is cool because you get a spare frame to pimp up if you like the performance of the first build rather than breaking it down or adding things on. Clean up the corners and round off any sharp edges.

This rim is a 29inch so for position of the eyelets I will assume you are using the same size.

Step 3: The Eyelets


Find four full circle eyelets with threaded ends (meaning a full circle welded hoop or hole). This stops the thrust material from getting caught in the end of the eye where it bends round and meets.

Take two eyes and push them into the last holes of the frame – with the threaded end sticking outwards and put a nut or in my case plasterboard fixings on the thread to stop the eyelet from falling into the center of the frame when the bow is drawn (this would not really happen due to the way the draw works and the eyelets are forced against the frame but I figure better safe than sorry – plus I though they looked rather cool ). Now count inwards five holes and put the other two eyelets into the frame, as seen in the photo.

Step 4: Catapult Rubber

How to Make a Survival Hunting Bow from a Bike Rim

Next, take your catapult rubber (I used a meter), cut it in half and tie the ends to make two rubber bands.

Take your old inner tube and cut a strip eight inches long and one inch wide tie it between your two bands – a bit like when you set up the rubber on a catapult.

Look at the photo. Can you see how if you do it right, the tied tube makes a natural channel that is perfect to place the end of an arrow into? You'll see when you try it … when you fit the rubber into the frame position this facing forwards.

Step 5: The Inner-Tube

How to Make a Survival Hunting Bow from a Bike Rim

First, go back to your old inner tube and cut off a section one and a half inches long. Keep it as a tube – you'll see why. Push the tube over the frame till it is in the middle, like a small black hand grip.

Feed the rubber bowstring through the inner eyelets so that they move freely. Take the ends out to the second set and pass the rubber through the hoop … but before you do undo the nut slip out the eyelet, pass the rubber under it so it comes back on itself then re-insert the eyelet. This will ensure the rubber can never pop off when you draw. You'll see from the picture what I mean.

Because you're dealing with rubber and not a bow string it is quite easy to manipulate things that would not work normally. It's a fiddle but not a pain.

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