Compact Portable Wood Burning Stove for Heating and Cooking in Tents


What a Perfect Way to Heat Your Tent and Cook Your Food!

Although a portable wood burning stove is used widely all over the world, it' still a niche item in the U.S. but growing everyday.  And it's no wonder because one of the great joys of camping on the trail or in the wilderness is having a wood fire to keep warm and to cook your food. And there’s no easier way to have this then with a small portable wood burning stove that you can take with you anywhere you go. There’s always plenty of fuel close by, a wood stove is easy to light and the heat can last for hours.

The Portable Wood Burning Stove is compact enough to setup inside a tent.


Setting up the stove is simple and quick.


Installing the stove's flashing for the chimney.


Installing the stove's chimney inside the tent.


Here's the chimney smoke stack exhaust coming out of the tent.


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