27 Awesome Christmas Gifts For Preppers


Christmas Gifts for Preppers – Time Saving Ideas You’ll Love!

If you’ve been trying to find or decide on some great Christmas gifts for Preppers or others in your life, you know how much of a hassle finding and choosing the right gift can be.

Fortunately, we know that Christmas is just around the corner and there’s no time to lose so we’ve made a list of some awesome Christmas gifts for Preppers we think you’ll love.

So if you’ve got a Prepper on your shopping list, check out our Christmas gift suggestions below. And if you have additional girt ideas, please share them with us in the comments below.

Disaster Scenario #1
Weekend Vacation Chaos

This could also be the rush evacuation from oncoming flood waters, approaching wildfires, car wreck in a blizzard or rioting on the next block over. What are some of the best prepper gifts for the survivalist who wants to be ready to go in a moment’s notice? What could they possibly carry with them wherever they may roam that could offer an advantage if they encountered trouble?

Water >


1. Sawyer Mini – $18.70

When it comes to survival water filtration, there aren’t any other options I can think of that are as durable, lightweight and compact as the Sawyer Mini. I have these as backup filtration in my Bug Out Bags and when we go backpacking. This little 2 ounce wonder of a water filter will give your Prepper the ability to make up thousands of gallons of fresh drinking water from even the nastiest of sources. Get yours now!

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

The Sawyer Mini, compact water filtration for bad times.

Food >


2. Emergency Rations – $64.95

In a survival situation, an empty stomach can be a demoralizer but putting a sandwich in your carry on isn’t usually recommended either. Emergency rations add a little weight to your gear, but the right ones like Mainstay are virtually impervious to extremes in temperature and one pack gives your favorite survivalist 3600 calories of living saving goodness. Well, it is 3600 calories and that brick can save their life if food options are scarce. Yes, you can certainly live for longer than a weekend without any food, but who wants to do that? Get yours here!

Mainstay Emergency Rations

Pack it in your bag and when you need it, you will have 3600 calories that could be enough to last you through the disaster.

Pack it in your bag and when you need it, you will have 3600 calories that could be enough to last you through the disaster.

3. Mountain House Food – Choose from a variety of offerings

A different prepper gift option could also be used backpacking and would probably taste better. For grid-down meals that are pretty tasty, a couple of Mountain House entrees fit the bill nicely. I got something like this for my Dad, who is not a prepper and didn’t see the humor to boot for last Father’s Day. Any freeze-dried foot you get will need to have water, usually hot water added to it so it can reconstitute. Get yours here!

4. Jet Boil Zip Cooking System – $79.95

Jetboil Zip Cooking System

A Jet Boil is a great system for backpacking meals that works just as well if you have had some type of disaster as long as you have the Right Fuel. Get yours here!

Shelter >


5. Fire Starter/Wet Fire – $7.19

Sure you can buy waterproof matches, but a fire starter that can never be put out commission in water is supreme and it looks so much cooler when the sparks start to fly. Get your now!

Fire Starter

6. Wetfire Cubes – $3.50


Add to that some Wetfire Cubes which can even be lit when they are sitting in water and you have the perfect fire making combination. Get your now!

7. Dry Bag – $9.99


You can also throw all of this in a Dry Bag for your prepper to add other fire making materials and to keep them organized. Get your now!

Security >


8. Tactical Folding Knife – $75.40

I am not sure you can even call yourself a prepper unless you have at least two knives. A good survival knife can help you in so many ways, but you don’t always have to have the most expensive knife in the world. A good quality folding knife can help you cut a lot of things but not break the bank. If they already have a good folding knife, a multi-tool extends their abilities in roughly the same size factor. Get yours here!


Cold Steel Recon 1

X-Factor >


9. Seatbelt Cutter – $9.95

For the Prepper who has almost everything except a seat belt cutter and a glass punch in their favorite bug out vehicle, the resqme (get it?) Keychain car escape tool combines both in a small footprint that is affordable and its compact size makes it easy to add to your Prepper’s EDC kit. Get your now!


Resqume Seat Belt cutting tool with glass breaker.


Disaster Scenario #2
Month Long Viral Outbreak Quarantine

For those Preppers on your gift list who are planning for a little longer-term event, they need gear designed to work a little harder or to last a little longer. The following prepper gifts will ensure that your friend will be able to last at least a month before the all clear is given.

Water >


10. Platypus Gravity Works Filter – $104.50

I fairly recently came across this filter at the suggestion of one of the readers of the Prepper Journal and I couldn’t be happier. The Gravityworks filters 2 liters of dirty creek water in under 2 minutes. That way I can collect water, stow it my pack, and get back to safety. Unlike chemical treatments like bleach or iodine, there is no bad taste and I don’t have to boil the water and wait for it to cool.


Filter a whole lot of water quickly with the Platypus Gravityworks.

Using revolutionary Hollow Fiber technology and a little physics, the Platypus CleanStream™ microfilter system treats 4L of water in less than 2.5 minutes – all without a single pump stroke. Need a lot of water? Just refill the Dirty side – even before the Clean side is empty and you’ll be automatically refilling as you go. A quick-disconnect fitting allows for easy removal and filling of the Dirty reservoir and back flushing for optimal performance is as easy as changing the height of the reservoirs. No moving parts, no assembly, near-zero effort. It’s lightweight enough for two, and efficient enough for a whole group. Really-it is that good.Filter Pore Size: 0.2 microns.Flow: (L/min) 1.75 liters per min.Cartridge Life: 1500 liters.Has two 2L bottles. Get your now!

Food >


11. Chef’s Banquet All-purpose Readiness Kit, 1 Month Food Storage Supply (330 Servings) – $139.00

Food storage is on the mind of preppers everywhere, but sometimes you want a simple buy it and forget it option. The benefit of this option is that it comes sealed in its own 5 gallon bucket so all the prepper needs to do is store it in a cool dry place until it is needed. If you purchase more buckets, they will easily stack and reduce your storage footprint.

Chefs Banquest Food Storage

Each of the meals takes less than 20 minutes to prepare (just add water). Oatmeal – 60 Servings Hearty Potato Soup – 60 Servings Chicken Vegetable Stew – 30 Servings Mixed Vegetables – 30 Servings Instant Potatoes – 60 Servings Pasta – 30 Servings (includes 30 Servings of Cheddar Cheese Sauce) Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew – 30 Servings Cheddar Broccoli Rice – 30 Servings. When the food is gone, you can use the bucket for a makeshift toilet. Get yours here!

Shelter >


12. 2 Man Tent – $198.94

It may be that your survival depends on getting out of the city while a virus runs its course. Before you head for the hills, make sure you have a good tent. The Big Agnes Scout UL 2 is a two-man tent that is very lightweight (only 2 pounds!) and compact. Your bug out bag and your back will thank you for switching to this option. Get your now!

Big Agnes Scout 2-Man Tent

Accommodations for two at just 2 pounds.

13. Trekking Poles – $47.95


Instead of the poles common to most tents, the Big Agnes Scout uses your trekking poles and sheds the weight. You can also just use sticks to prop up the tent or tie one end off to a tree. Get your now!

Security >


14. Gerber LMF II Fixed Blade Knife – $63.99

Tactical folding knives are great, but if you plan on living in the woods for a month, you will want a bigger, stronger blade.



The Gerber 22-01629 LMF II Black Infantry Knife was designed for survival during even the worst conditions. This 10-inch survival knife was engineered by former military man Jeff Freeman and was field-tested with troops, ensuring that it can stand up to rugged, rigorous use and offer high performance under a variety of emergency conditions. Get your now!

15. Strong Arm 30-001058 – $59.76 

There is a newer Gerber version, the Strong Arm 30-001058 that takes some ques from its cousin. This knife will allow you to make firewood by batoning and hold up to a lot of abuse. It even comes with its own sheath that straps to your belt and the Coyote finish should blend in with your surroundings.

Gerber Strong Arm Knife

The Gerber StrongArm for when you need a little bit more from your survival knife.

The StrongArm Fixed Blade carries on our legacy of tough-as-hell fixed blade knives for combat and survival applications. Featuring a fine edge, full tang 420HC blade with black ceramic coating, the knife was designed around the fundamentals of military survival training. Obtain a solid grip on this knife in all conditions with its diamond texture rubberized handle.The StrongArm’s modular sheath system is as important as the knife itself. With the sheath’s snap- together components, the operator can mount the knife vertically on MOLLE, horizontally on a standard 1.75″ tactical belt, or in a traditional drop-leg belt mount fashion. Get yours now!

X-Factor >


16. Bush Night Vision Monocular – $218.83

The threats your survivalist is preparing for don’t end when the sun goes down. In order to have an advantage at night, they could use a Night Vision Monocular. This will help them see what is lurking in the dark and give them an upper hand in the fight. This monocular boasts a 1000 ft. viewing distance to help you see what is coming or that big game walking up to your stand from a distance. Get your now!

Bushnell Night Vision Monocular

Bush Night Vision is a huge advantage when the lights are out.


Disaster Scenario #3
Total Collapse due to EMP or Zombie Apocalypse

When it has all gone to Sh*t, your prepper gear will be put to the test. Knowledge and training and I would argue, luck are all more important than the price tag of the shiny piece of metal you are carrying in your Get Home Bag. However, longer duration use requires more durable equipment. That tactical folder may be perfect for a weekend, but what would you do if it became damaged? What if your water filter was rendered inoperable due to the high use? Below are some additional prepper gift ideas for the prepper who is planning to ride out the end of the world as we know it. Get your here!

Water  >


17. Big Berkey Water Filter – $288.50

The water filtration methods I mentioned above are great if you are mobile or only really need to filter water for yourself, maybe another person. If the disaster lasts a long time or you need to filter water for the whole family, day after day, you will need something a little more substantial. The Big Berkey can filter 2.5 gallons at a time and only requires you to pour the unclean water in the top.

Big Berkey Water Filter

Filter Gallons of water easily with gravity fed Big Berkey.

This powerful system purifies both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where regulations may be substandard at best. Perfect for everyday use, outdoor activities and a must in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available. The Big Berkey system removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes. It also reduces nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury. Get your here!

18. Nalgene Bottles – $6.00

Gravity does the rest and it even has a handy spout to fill your Nalgene bottles up again with clean filtered water. Get your here!


Food >


19. Survival Seeds – $74.99

Yes, the grocery stores are all long plundered of anything you can eat and the burden falls to the prepper to produce food for their family, going forward. A box of Survival Seeds will give them the necessary seeds to start that survival crop; hopefully their garden is already started well before now, but the seeds in this container can be opened in an emergency and provide the ability to grow a big crop of food for the compound. This can also be useful as barter in a pinch.

Survival Seeds

Do you have the seeds you need for a bountiful survival garden?

Do you have the seeds you need for a bountiful survival garden? Get your here!

Shelter >


20. Hammock – $161.96

Tents aren’t meant to last forever but with proper use you can get several seasons out of them. Sleeping on the hard ground is tough though and your prepper might want the comfort of a hammock if they are going to spend the rest of their lives in the woods. A Hennessy Expedition comes with rain fly and a mosquito net to keep the bugs off you and packs down small and light (under 3 pounds) as well making it a great alternative if you are trying to lighten your bug out bag.

Hennessy Hammock

Hammocks make a great solution for sleeping outdoors and they can really lighten your bug out bag.

Hammocks make a great solution for sleeping outdoors and they can really lighten your bug out bag. Get yours now!

Security >

21. Crossbow – $376.99

Maybe it is the premiere of the new season of the Walking Dead that has me thinking of this item, but a crossbow has a lot of appeal in a grid down/apocalypse scenario. For starters you can hunt very quietly and there is no point in alerting everyone else that you just brought down that big buck. Add to that, when the ammo is all gone, you can still make arrows, if you have the right skill and that could be limitless ammo for your new weapon. Or you could just do what Darryl does and pull each arrow out of the skull of your victim and move on. The Barnett Penetrator Crossbow would do just that with 116 foot pounds of energy, penetrate and could make an excellent weapon in a total collapse. Get yours here! Don’t forget the extra arrows

Penetrator Crossbow

With a crossbow, they won’t hear you coming until it’s too late.

22. Machete/Parang – $27.15

When all else fails you may need something that can cut a little deeper. From chopping wood to clearing brush or solving problems, permanently, the Parang is a nifty little weapon. Gerber has a nice Parang Machete from Bear Grylls’ line that could help your prepper defend themselves and their family, maybe you from the bad guys. Or zombies.

Gerber Parang Machete

Bigger than a knife and easier to conceal than a sword.

The Parang is a modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen’s machete. Its heavy blade makes short work of branches and vines. An individual tool of the jungle. This Parang features an angled blade, ideal for clearing brush or limbs. Robust high carbon steel blade, enhances strength, corrosion resistance and easy to sharpen. Full tang construction, boosts durability. Ergonomic textured rubber grip, maximizes comfort and reduces slippage. Lanyard cord, acts as guard, enhancing grip security. Nylon sheath, lightweight, military grade, mildew resistant. Includes land to air rescue and SOS instructions. Priorities of survival, pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials. Get yours now! 

> X-Factor


23. Gas Mask – $119.00

If the world really has gone to hell, you might need to protect the air you breathe. There could be NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) agents, viruses, tear gas or who knows what. This Military and Police Tactical mask with the right filters will protect your prepper from inhaling any particles that could bring them down. You can also throw in some Potassium Iodide tablets for a companion gift. Get yours here!


If this comes out, you know things are SHTF.

> Anytime Scenario: Great Prepper Gifts for Any Ocassion


24. Matador Pocket Blanket – $24.99

Enjoy the outdoors anytime, anywhere. Great for picnics, beaches, concerts, festivals, naps, tanning, yoga, etc., Matador Pocket Blanket is small enough to fit neatly into your pocket or purse. Unfold to enjoy the 55″ X 44″ blanket. Enough space for two people to lay. Matador Pocket Blankets are water repellent and puncture resistant to keep you clean, dry and comfortable. Weighted corners improve performance on breezy days. Get yours now!


25. Paracord – $3.59

An ideal all-around utility cord in the field, the type III commercial paracord is tough and long lasting. The cord is made of 550-pound test nylon and features a seven-strand core for maximum strength. Measuring 5/32 inches in diameter, the paracord is manufactured in the United States. This paracord is available in a variety of lengths and colors. Get it here!


26. Diversion Safe Bic Lighter – $12.25

The size of a standard Bic lighter. The lighter doesn’t spark when you flick it, instead opening up a space inside where you can stash your valuables. The is a regular size Bic lighter. When you flick your bic it doesn’t sparks and doesn’t light, you then operate the secret bottom off revealing a space inside the lighter to stash your valuables. Get yours here!


27. LED Keychain Flashlight – $9.55

An extremely small and super-bright light, the Streamlight Nano Light Keychain Flashlight is a lightweight, easy-to-access flashlight for everyday tasks at work or at home. With a nonrotating snap hook for attaching to key rings, backpacks, clothing, and more, the Nano Light features a high-intensity, 100,000-hour LED that will last up to eight hours on four alkaline button cell batteries (included). Get yours here!


So there you have it, my list of 27 awesome Christmas gifts for Preppers. What’s on your list?

Via: The Prepper Journal
Important Note: All prices were accurate at the time of publication.

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