Amazing Survival Shelter Will Make You Forget You’re 20 Feet Underground!

Who Would Imagine Living Underground Could Be This Comfortable!

Underground survival shelters have had a history of being drab and an almost prison-like atmosphere for many decades.  But with advances in architecture and design these shelters have become marvels of comfort and livability.

For ages they have mostly been considered just an emergency structure, but nowadays it’s easy to see how they could also be considered a home and a very private one at that. They can now be furnished with most anything an above ground regular house has including cozy bedrooms, relatively spacious kitchens and even living rooms.

Atlas Survival Shelters creates customizable homes like these dug deep beneath the earth. Size is not an issue but keep in mind your residence will be buried twenty-feet underground. But what great news… Neither unwanted salesmen, noisy neighbors, nor the undead will find you. My question is – how do you get mail?

1. Hidden front door guarantees no solicitors or knocking from the walking dead.


2.Down the rabbit hole we go.


3. Welcome to our home's underground shelter foyer – 20 feet under.


4. This underground shelter living area is bigger than a New York apartment!


5. Cozy master bedroom for two.


6. Bunk beds for kids or for the child in you.


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