50 Medicinal Uses For Honey That Will Rock Your Boat


Here are the Final 25 Medicinal Uses For Honey


26. Brush the teeth with honey and charcoal powder for whitening the teeth.
27. Honey relieves acid reflux, and heals peptic ulcers
28. Regular use of honey improves hair growth.
29. Regular use of honey relieves constipation.
30. Honey rejuvenates heart.
31. Honey improves eye – sight.
32. Honey improves memory.
33. It heals diabetic ulcers.
34. It is used as a tonic for all.
35. To heal ulcers in the intestine.
36. It helps in quick healing of deep wounds.
37. It is used as a pain balm for headache.
38. Honey and apple cider vinegar can cure eczema.
39. It is used to heal sore throat.
40. It is used to heal ulcers in the mouth.


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41. It is used for facial massage for a glowing skin.
42. Honey reduces the effects of poison
43. It helps in quick healing of deep wounds
44. Honey cures Anemia.It is used as a medicine for tonsillitis.
45. It has anti cholesterol qualities.
46. Honey is used as an antacid.
47. Honey prevents fatigue.
48. It is an anti-cancer agent and protect the human body against the formation of tumors
49. Honey improves performance in sports.
50. It can strengthen white blood cells.

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