50 Medicinal Uses For Honey That Will Rock Your Boat


Who Would Have Imagined This Many Beneficial Uses For Honey!

The nutritional and medicinal uses for honey date back for centuries. Widely used as a natural sweetener long before sugar, honey has been produced and cherished since humans discovered how to raid honeybee hives. People have long known about its medicinal values and this golden nectar’s antibacterial and antifungal properties has made it a popular household item since the early Egyptian tombs.


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According to the National Honey Board there are over 300 varieties of honey in the U.S. In Ayurveda, homeopathy, and naturopathy, honey has a great role in medicinal preparations.

Ayurveda, the Indian system of natural medicine, considers honey as a natural product with high nutritional as well as medicinal value and gives a vital role in it. Honey is a part of a number of preparations and many of the tabs are to be used with honey. Ayurveda strongly puts forward the fact that the use of honey help to improve lifespan. It can also used as a food supplement.

50 Health Benefits and Uses of Honey

  1. Regular use of honey promotes health and longevity
  2. Drinking honey and lemon juice in equal quantities before breakfast will help in improving immunity of the human body.
  3. Honey gives relief from cough.
  4. Drinking half an ounce of honey with the juice of radish strengthens immunity.
  5. Drink 10 ml honey before going to bed for comfortable sleep
  6. Honey cures food poisoning.
  7. Use honey 15ml regularly to lose weight
  8. Drink one tablespoon of honey mixed with lukewarm water twice a day before food for easy digestion.
  9. Honey cures urinary tract disorders, worm infestations, and bronchial asthma.
  10. It is given to children for improving health and immunity.
  11. It is a rejuvenating drink for the aged.
  12. Honey improves calcium level in the human body.
  13. It is given as the first food to a newborn baby.
  14. It improves the blood circulation.
  15. Honey strengthens the immune system of human beings.
  16. It is used as a preservative.
  17. Honey rejuvenates the liver.
  18. Honey rejuvenates brain.
  19. Use of honey is good for teeth and bones.
  20. Honey promotes blood formation.
  21. Honey rejuvenates heart
  22. It is used to cure dandruff.
  23. Drinking Honey and vinegar in equal quantities helps lowering blood pressure.
  24. It is used disinfectant.
  25. It is used as an antiseptic.

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