5 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble When Bugging Out

5 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble When Bugging Out

I always feel excitement whenever I write another article about bugging out. I don’t know if it’s the danger or the dynamic nature of it, but it sure sounds nice on paper!

Unfortunately, bugging out will be anything but fun when it’ll actually happen. There will be dangers at every step. People trying to steal your supplies or even kidnap your children. Law enforcement impersonators will be holding you at gunpoint. Dogs and other animals will attack you.

How will you handle all of this? How will you keep your family safe? In what follows, I want to give you a few ideas that you should incorporate into your survival plans as soon as possible.

#1. Be Careful When Choosing a Camp Site

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be sleeping in your car, your tent, in a makeshift shelter or inside a cave. The position of where you’ll be spending your nights needs to be chosen extremely well. You just cannot afford any visitors in the middle of the night, when you’ll be in complete darkness.

A few golden rules:

  • Stay at a reasonable distance from highways and other roads, at least half a mile. They shouldn’t be able to hear you, see you or smell you.
  • If you see predator tracks nearby, keep moving. You’re likely to run into one and, given that you’ll be sound asleep, it could take you by surprise and harm you.
  • Set up a few early warning systems such as trip wires. A dog will also be of help in letting you know someone or something’s coming.

Of course, you shouldn’t go hide in the most secluded place possible, not unless you really know what you’re doing. If you get hurt or run out of food or water, you’ll have no choice but to ask people for help, even when there’s a risk they’ll do the exact opposite.

#2. Have Some Bear Spray On Hand

Why? Because pepper spray may not work with some animals and wasp spray may be illegal for self-defense. Many non-pepper spray products have a label that says using it for other than their intended purpose can be punishable by federal law.

I’m not talking about firearms here because I’m assuming you’ll have them if the law allows it.

#3. Learn to Get Away Should You Be Cornered or Captured

You might want to:

  • Learn how to climb a tree in case you’re being chased.
  • Practice escaping handcuffs and zip ties (caveat: never-ever do it to escape law enforcement!)
  • Remember to be really noisy when talking to your opponents, maybe someone will come to your aid.

Of course, in order to make a run for it, you need to be in good shape. So if you haven’t yet considered survival fitness, I strongly suggest you do so, even if it means jogging, hiking or training from home. If you haven’t done a push-up since high-school, any type of exercise will help, but you have to keep doing it.

#4. Be a Gray Man

The most important thing is that you have to move without being seen, particularly if you’re trying to leave your town or city. Doing it at night, when most people are asleep might be a good idea.
There’s more: you should be careful about the way you dress, too. Avoid expensive clothes, fancy accessories, flashy colors and looking tacticool.

#5. Learn to Be Persuasive

You’ll find this useful not just when asking for info, but also when you’ll have to barter or negotiate. The starting point I’d suggest is to look at the different types of people you might run into: law enforcement, desperate people, other preppers, children, thugs, gangs, rioters, protesters, social activists and so on.

Final Word

Although food, water and shelter are critical, you should never take security lightly. Throwing a gun into your bug out bag won’t cut it, you need the knowledge and skills to get yourself out of dangerous situations, and to do so without injuring yourself or your family.

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