45 Absolutely Awesome Tips For SHTF Survival

Want to Really Be Prepared When a Real SHTF Emergency Does Happen?

Wow, what great ideas for survival are included in the video below. It's like having a summary of the entire Army survival manual all presented in one short video. Okay, well maybe that was really over-hyped but you get the point, right?

When a SHTF situation does happen, despite all the things you've so diligently prepared for, problems and obstacles will be encountered. That's when creativity and ingenuity become major players to your survival … and that's when the awesome tips presented in this video become even more awesome.

There's just too many tips to list here on this page. Without all the visuals I couldn't do them justice anyway.

So grab a pen and notepad and click on the video below now for some really great ideas on Survival when disaster really strikes!

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