4 Self Defense Tools That You Can Easily Carry With You All The Time

Self Defense Tools That You Can Carry With You All The Time

Easy Carry Self Defense Tools Help You to Defend Yourself!

When it comes to self defense tools, instead of asking yourself “why?” it’s often better to ask yourself “why not?” It’s always better to be prepared for as many situations as possible so why not take a few steps to arm yourself with some easy carry self defense tools?

Let’s not forget though, in addition to self defense tools, one of the key survival skills we can possess is situational awareness. But unfortunately most people don’t have a clue of what’s going on around them and this makes it ever so more important to carry the self defense protection that you can carry all the time.

I was recently talking to a man who was telling me the story about his black eye. He had been walking down a street in the early afternoon when two men came up behind him quickly and began to harass him. Before he knew it, he was clocked in the face and his wallet and phone were stolen. He goes on to tell me “I just wasn’t prepared, and I should have been.”

Being a victim of a violent crime is more of a common occurrence than some people think. What we do to prepare ourselves on a reasonable level can be the difference between victim or defender.
To be even more prepared, here is a quick list of 4 items you can easily carry with you each day. They don’t take up much space, and each has their own advantages.

1) Your Firearm

Did you guess that I’d start with this? My firearm is always with me wherever I go. I make sure to practice with it often, and trust it’s reliability to work if ever needed. My setup consists of a Glock 27 (sometimes a Glock 23) loaded with Hornady Critical Defense rounds, and rides in an Alien Gear IWB Holster.

Self Defense Tools That You Can Carry With You All The Time

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2) Tactical Pen

If you aren’t sure what a tactical pen is, do yourself a favor and Google them. These nifty devices fit in your pocket and offer you not only a strong instrument to defend yourself against an attacker, but also a pen to write with.

Self Defense Tools That You Can Carry With You All The Time

To learn more about this amazing pen, click here now!

3) Pocket Knife

When I was a kid, my Grandfather showed me the value of carrying a pocket knife with me at all times. We would use it everyday, and I still do. Although my knives have changed over the years, there is rarely a single day where it doesn’t come in handy.

Self Defense Tools That You Can Carry With You All The Time

4) Paracord Monkey Fist

Some will tell you you’re nuts, I will tell you that you’re awesome. The Paracord Monkey Fist is something that can break bones and get you away from trouble. It simply consists of a ball bearing wrapped in paracord. Many are set up to be used with your key-chain, making it even easier to carry around with you.

Self Defense Tools That You Can Carry With You All The Time

Before you go out and buy any of these items, make sure that they’re legal in your area. Some localities do not allow some of these. Do your research before you spend the money.

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