3 Ways To Start A Fire Using A Flashlight

How to Start a Fire Using a Flashlight

Did You Know There Are 3 Ways to Start a Fire Using a Flashlight?

Most of know some very clever ways on how to start a fire if we're ever caught out in the wilderness without matches or a lighter. But knowing how to start a fire using a flashlight is a skill that a lot of us might never have imagined is possible, much less knowing 3 ways you can do it.

Yep, simply shining the light on some kindling is not going to do. Fortunately, there's more to a flashlight than just its light. It has parts. Here's 3 ways you can use these parts to actually start a fire using a flashlight.

1. The Break it and Burn it method

Hopefully you will have a flashlight with real glass over the lens in your survival gear. If you opted out of glass for a cheap flashlight, this will not work.

First, you will need to break the glass cover.

Do not annihilate it, just break it.

Remove the bulb from the flashlight.

Very carefully you will want to chip the glass of the bulb. The filament cannot be damaged in this process.

It is a one shot deal. Take your time and work slowly at the glass to get it to chip.

Once you are done removing the glass from around the filament, put the bulb back into the flashlight and loosely put tinder into the top.

Again, do not break the filament.

When you turn on the flashlight the tinder should catch. Move the tinder to the kindle and then to your pre-made fire area.

2. The Wire Method

This method does not require the complete destruction of your flashlight. In this method you will need to remove the inside batteries and the positive and negative wires from the flashlight.

Once you have removed the positive and the negative wires from the flashlight, strip off about a ¼ inch strip from each end of the wire.

Take the wires and secure them to their appropriate ends (positive to positive, negative to negative) of the battery. Secure the wires using gum or another adhesive ensuring that the wire comes into direct contact with the battery.

Basically, you are going to do the same thing which would happen if you had a car battery and touched the positive to the negative, you are going to make sparks.

Of course, if you have a really small battery or a (and if you do your survival chances are already bleak) battery powered LED flashlight then this will probably not work. However, if you have a survivalist flashlight which takes C or D batteries, or ideally if you have a 9 volt or higher battery, you should be ok.

Click the positive and the negative exposed wires together. DO NOT hold them together but do quick sharp contacts.

You do not want to blow up the battery or burn yourself so keep the distance and the battery location in mind.

It goes without saying that you will need tinder to catch the sparks. Once your tinder is lit quickly remove the battery from the heat area (again to avoid it blowing up) , move the tinder to your kindle and then to your fire set up.

3. The Fire Piston Method

If you have only packed a flashlight and have a AAA or a AA battery light or if you have an LED then you will have really no use of the light when the battery dies.

The flashlight can be used as a container to start a fire.

To do this you will need to make a fire piston from your flashlight in order to start your fire. So what you will need to do is to make sure that the piston is remove the threads from the top of the battery part removing the lip.

To do this you will need to use a saw that can cut metal (on your Swiss knife or multi-purpose pillars).

The lip hinders the piston from movement and must be removed. On the tail end of the flashlight you will need to make it air tight.

You can do this by using Teflon tape (if you have it) or you will need to melt nylon around the threads and twist welds the pieces together.

NOTE: Nylon dries super quickly so your best chance for an airtight seal is to do a sort of spot weld along the outer rim ensuring that no area allows air through. Fill in the endcap if needed to reduce any unneeded airflow within the tube. You may have to experiment with different sealants to make it air tight.

On the piston get a hardwood and chose a lubricant that is not too greasy (or fireproof).

You will also need to have a plunger added to the end to compress the air and cause your spark.

Find something rubber to add around the top of the plunger. Your tinder should be secure in the plunger. On the top (where the light would be) you will need to put a piece of charcoal.

To light the ember simply pushes down of the piston and light the ember. You will want to add your ember to your tender and then to your kindle and fire.

Survivalist Reality Considerations

In reality you must keep in mind that you are using a flashlight to perform a fire craft. You may or may not have success doing this.

Your best chance of having a heat source is to have a flint and steel or a bow-drill to create your fire.

If you have a survival flashlight, you may have the option of changing out the lens to one which is similar to a magnifying glass to conduct heat.

Again, this should not be used as your primary fire source and the results depend greatly upon the power of the light.

However, as a secondary means of heat, it is a useful survival skill.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of how to start a fire using a flashlight.

Via: TipsForSurvivalist

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