26 Awesome Wilderness And Survival Hacks When Technology Isn’t An Option

These Creative Hacks Could Save Your Life One Day … Really!

Survivalists and Preppers alike are constantly on the hunt for creative hacks to add to their survival and self-reliance tool box. Whether it be for a natural disaster or a much more sinister disaster, they know the more you prepare for various SHTF situations, the greater your odds are for you and your family to survive.

The article below by Jeremy Knauff at How To Survive lists a variety of awesome survival and prepping hacks. We hope you enjoy and will benefit from these creative hacks.

Many people think that if they just have this one tool, or the right gun, or a super-secret hide out, they can survive anything. They are wrong.

The thing about survival, whether it means walking 100 miles through the Amazon back to civilization, persevering after a natural disaster, or fighting off the hoards of imaginary zombies that are never coming, the most common attribute of those who survive is creative thinking—improvising to accomplish the necessary tasks. In a survival situation, you won’t have the luxury of driving to your local supermarket or hardware store, so you need to learn how to work with what you’ve got before the time comes.

1. TP Roll Sprouts

I recommend storing as much food as space allows, but true sustainability can only be achieved by growing your own food. Using old toilet paper tubes filled with soil is a great way to get your seeds started in an easily controlled environment, and once the sprouts get large enough to move outdoors, you can simply place the tubes into holes in the ground. The cardboard will disintegrate, and the roots will grow down through the open bottom.

2. Store Rice/Beans

The packaging that rice and beans come in is porous and easily torn which reduces the shelf life of your valuable food. A better alternative is to transfer these dry goods into 2–liter soda bottles, which are made from much thicker plastic and offer an air-tight seal. If like my family, you don’t drink soda, you can probably get more than enough bottles from friends. You can ensure an even greater shelf-life by adding an oxygen absorber to each bottle.

3. Beer Can Lantern

I think we can all find an empty beer (or soda) can lying around, and when combined with a candle, we have a handy improvised lantern that produces a fair amount of light.

4. Bike Wheel Bow

Darren Hall posted this genius improvised bow made from a bike wheel and parts you can find in any hardware store, and shares his step-by-step instructions on Instructables.com.

5. Tarp Raft

Need to cross a river or lake without being devoured by alligators, frozen to death, or drowned by your gear? Simply lay out a tarp and pile small lightweight branches (the idea is to fill it with buoyant materials that will also create plenty of air pockets) in the center, then wrap the ends up and bind the entire raft with paracord or string. Be sure to test your raft thoroughly in shallow water to ensure it will carry your weight and not fall apart before venturing into deeper water.

6. Crayon Candle

Crayon Candle

If you have kids, you likely have far more crayons lying around the house and in the couch cushions than will ever be needed—these make great emergency candles.

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