21 SHTF Prepper Tips For Hiding A Gun

SHTF Prepper Tips For Hiding A Gun

SHTF Preparedness: The Rules of Three for Hiding a Gun!

Hiding a gun isn’t just about simple everyday concealment for easy access. It’s also about taking steps to be prepared for future emergency needs during unexpected SHTF situations. As some politicians keep trying relentlessly to ban and in some cases, even confiscate certain firearms, there are plenty of reasons to take action now for long term storage of your legally owned guns.

But where are the best places to hide a gun? What’s the best way to protect it from weather conditions that lead to corrosion and other types of damage to firearms? These things and much more are explained below in this Rules of Three article by Claire Wolfe of Backwoods Home Magazine…

My friend Jack pulled the car into a grassy clearing. We donned rubber boots, fetched a metal detector and digging tools from the trunk, and headed off along a game trail. Our mission: To dig up and test fire a pistol Jack had buried years ago.

The trail disappeared into a wetland, which Jack crossed with confidence. The muddy water was only about six inches deep where he walked, but I couldn't see the bottom so I waded gingerly after him. It was at this point I discovered that my borrowed waterproof boots — weren't. I squished along after Jack. By the time I emerged onto dry land, he was standing well ahead of me, next to the stump of an old cedar that had been logged a hundred years ago.

“It's buried right here,” Jack told me confidently. “Between this stump and that sapling.”

I was dubious. The “sapling” wasn't exactly a sapling anymore. It had grown into a mid-sized alder tree. Besides, Jack had history with not being able to relocate a buried firearm. Back in 2004, I had mocked him in one of my Backwoods Home Hardyville columns for that very thing, an SKS he couldn't relocate.

Nevertheless, he set to breaking up roots. I followed with a shovel.


My friend Jack, carrying a metal detector and digging implements, heads toward a game trail that leads to the site where he buried a pistol many years ago. The game trail is right in front of him but strangers would be unlikely to spot it because of the quick-growing blackberry bramble that's obscured it.

“I didn't bury it very deep,” he said. “We shouldn't have too much trouble.”

They're at it again. The politicians in Washington, DC, and their media mouthpieces everywhere are in full cry, threatening more restrictions on our right to own guns.

In response, Americans are rushing to buy firearms, particularly those that might be targets of the next ban. Without a doubt, many guns are going underground or into other hiding places. When Draconian restrictions take effect, millions more firearms will get tucked into walls, haylofts, hollow trees, and waterproof containers buried in the woods.

There are people who say, “When it's time to bury the guns, it's actually time to dig them up and use them.” They have a point. But in fact, there are plenty of good reasons to hide guns, now or at any other time. And we're not talking about simply concealing a gun to have it handy in home, office, or hotel room. We're talking about hardcore, long-term hiding — stashing guns against some urgent future need.

Three Reasons to Hide a Gun

1. You might want to hide a firearm just to have a spare if your others get stolen or damaged in a disaster.

2. You might want to hide a firearm if you are a peaceable person who is nevertheless forbidden to own a gun because of some misdeed in your past or some arbitrary state law.

3. And of course, you might want to hide a firearm if you fear nationwide bans and confiscations but realize that you can't stand alone against the gun banners.

Three Types of Guns You Might Want to Hide

4. You might want to hide a spare carry pistol away from your home in case your everyday carry gun is stolen or damaged.

5. You might want to hide any firearm that's being banned.

6. Or — as in the Clinton era, the last time people rushed to hide firearms — you might want to stash any cheap, but reliable semi-automatic rifle in a common caliber. SKSs were popular stash guns then. AK-47s are good, too. You probably don't want to tuck away your best battle rifle or your most beautiful, precise, scoped bolt action hunting gun (or, as politicians will eventually call it, your “sniper rifle”). But that's up to what you can afford to sequester and what you want to have at hand if the you-know-what ever hits the rotary airfoil. Because, make no mistake, a buried battle gun is a SHTF tool.

And of course, in all cases, you're also securing ammunition for that gun and any tools you might need to make your well-hidden firearm work for you.

Whatever type of gun you choose, one of the most important steps is to prepare it well for long-term storage. You need to ensure that the firearm you eventually retrieve will be ready to use — and not a rusted hulk.

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