20 Amazing Survival Hacks For A Paperclip [Video]

20 Amazing Survival Hacks for a Paperclip

These Paperclip Survival Hacks Will Blow Your Mind!

Like MacGyver, Survival Experts know how to improvise with just about anything. But who would have ever thought such an ordinary everyday item as the paperclip mixed with a little ingenuity could have so many survival hacks and everyday uses!

20 Ways to Improvise Paperclips for Survival and Everyday Use

Here's 20 awesome ways to improvise paperclips for survival and everyday use:

  1. Replace a missing button
  2. Drawer hook
  3. Key ring
  4. Cleanout clogged glue or spray bottles
  5. Punch a hole through cloth­­­paperclip-hole-punch
  6. Make a needle for improvising repairs on a trail
  7. Make a compasspaperclip-compass
  8. Secure items in a go-bag
  9. Make a safety pin
  10. Make a micro-screwdriver to make repairs
  11. Hold up shirt sleeve or pants leg
  12. Repair backpack buckleRepair backpack buckle with paperclip
  13. Easily find tape seal end while keeping tape end sealed
  14. Secure dual zippers
  15. Make a dry wall hanger (Hercules clip)hercules-paperclip
  16. Secure cable wires
  17. Web cam cover
  18. Smart phone stand
  19. Pick a lock
  20. Use as itself … a Paperclip!

Watch this video now to see how each one of these Paperclip Survival Hacks are done:


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