14 Awesome Chicken Coop Designs for the Stylish Backyard Bird

14 Savvy Chicken Coop Designs for the Stylish Backyard Bird

These Ingenious Designs Will Make Your Backyard Birds the Envy of the Farm!

Every Homesteader and Survival Prepper understands the value of raising your own chickens. Chickens easily adapt easily to their environment, aren’t picky eaters, lay eggs on a regular basis and provide meat for the whole family.

And although it’s ideal to have a free range for them, it’s not always possible because of the environment of where you might live. Especially in off-grid and wilderness areas, they may need to be protected from predators that are everywhere.

So if you’re going to have a coop for your backyard birds why not have one with style. Here are some cool designs that any discriminating backyard bird is sure to enjoy!

1. Easy-Access Chicken Coop


This clever coop allows you to lift the top right up in order to collect eggs. You don’t have to crawl inside or disturb the hens. They have a small area below to peck and forage for grass, and the front part of the fence folds down so you can let them wander free-range during the day. There are several levels of perches, with plenty of space at the top so your birds don’t have to compete for the best roosting spot. This simple, accessible chicken coop design is a great choice for a small flock.

2. A Chicken Cabinet Coop


Talk about a creative do-it-yourselfer. This guy converted an old set of kitchen cabinets into a functional chicken coop. There are individual cages where sick or brooding hens can be isolated, and lots of storage space for feed and medications. Note the curtains which will give a broody hen an extra degree of comfort and security. A few of the horizontal partitions were removed from the cabinet, so that collecting eggs is as easy as sliding open a drawer.

3. Open Front Chicken Coop Design


This easy to build coop made from recycled and left-over lumber was designed for easy access. There are many individual cages, all of which open to the front for easy cleaning and egg gathering. A rustic but serviceable ramp on one side swings down to allow the chickens to go outside. Between the cages are removable partitions, so that two or more cages can be transformed into a larger common space. This design makes it easy to deal with injuries, illnesses, brooding hens, chicks or new additions to the flock.

4. Classy Coop with a Run


Even a simple chicken coop can be well constructed and painted to become a beautiful addition to your yard. This coop design features a full outdoor run which can be rotated around the main coop to allow the flock to forage on new patches of greenery. The nesting area is set to one side with a roof that lifts off for easy collecting, and large doors swing wide for easy cleaning. If you build a coop like this you may have to fight to keep your children out of it. It looks like as good as any play-house!

5. Cottage Style Chicken Coop


If the last coop resembled a children’s playpen, this one is reminiscent of a quaint cottage. It would be a nice aesthetic addition to a vegetable garden. The design allows for a degree of ranging, while keeping your flock safe. No clever fox or skunk can burrow under the fence, because the floor is elevated above the ground. There is ample room for your chickens to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without running any risk of losses to predators.

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