12 Cool Homestead Hacks for a 55 Gallon Drum

12 Cool Homestead Hacks for a 55 Gallon Drum

DIY Homesteaders Will Love These Awesome Ways to Repurpose a 55 Gallon Drum!

A 55 gallon drum to the creative DIY Homesteader is a treasure chest of projects waiting to be done. They never see a barrel to be just a barrel. They see a collection of ideas that can repurpose a 55 gallon drum into all sorts of things that can very inexpensively improve their home and their lifestyle, both indoors and outdoors. They see such things as cabinets, furniture, grills, planters and you name it. And like pallets, 55 gallon drums are cheap and easy to find. Both the steel and plastic barrels are useful for a variety of projects. The steel drums can’t be beat for DIY smokers, grills or classy furniture, though the plastic ones are easier to work with. Check out these 12 Homestead hacks and fresh uses for a 55 gallon drum and you’ll never think of them the same way again.

1. 55 Gallon Drum BBQ

55-Gallon-Drum Grill

Image courtesy of lapseshot.com

A BBQ grill is one of the most popular ways to reuse an old barrel. It makes the perfect frame. All you need to do is cut in half, add a handle and lay a grate across the bottom.

These grills have become really popular. If you have the proper tools to build them and can find a cheap source of steel 55 gallon drums, selling drum grills could become a great source of extra income.

2. 55 Gallon Drum Boat


Image courtesy of lexingtoncontainercompany.com

This is actually one of the simplest projects as far as the 55 gallon drum is concerned. You don’t have to cut, bend or do much of anything to it. Just lash a few together, lay a wood frame on top and you’ve got a primitive raft.

Of course, if you choose to add a rudder, sails and fishing rig like this fellow, it will get a bit more complicated. The great thing about this raft is you have a lot of security. If one barrel is punctured or springs a leak, the others will remain buoyant and take you safely to land.

3. 55 Gallon Drum Chicken Plucker


Image courtesy of moderndayredneck.blogspot.com

Yup. That’s a chicken plucker, built out of a plastic 55 gallon drum. If you’ve never butchered 100 chickens in one go, you may not understand the need for such a device. It really speeds things up. Imagine trying to hand pluck that many birds and get them into the freezer. You would need a chicken plucking army. It works on grouse, pheasant and turkey too.

The fingers are made out of rubber or flexible, yet firm, plastic. The whole thing needs to spin really fast, so you’ll want to connect it to a motor. Why not use a wind turbine to power it?

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