10 Items You Don’t Want To Forget In Your Bug Out Bag

Did You Include These 10 Items In Your Bug Out Bag?

Okay, we know the basic items to include in our bug out bag. Common sense items like rope, camping gear, a way to make a fire and a weapon or two, such as a gun and a couple of knives.

But often times it's easy to forget the little things. Things that may seem less important, when in certain situations they can become very important. Here's the list:

1. Anti-Diarrgea Medicine
2. Sewing Kit
3. Water Purification Kit
4. Bandana
5. Local Map
6. Bug Spray
7. Portable Radio
8. Change of Clothes
9. Oral Hygiene
10 Survival Guide

So what are you packing in your bug out bag?

Watch the Video Below Now to see just why it's important to always include these 10 items.



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